4x Fujitsu AA Rechargeable Batteries, 2550mAh


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These are 100% genuine and brand new Rechargeable AA Fujitsu Premium High Capacity, 2550mAh Batteries. Part number 3UTHCEX(4B).


Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
Max Capacity: 2550mAh
Type of battery: AA
Connection Type: Nipple
Voltage: 1.2V


  • Well-suited to devices with high power consumption such as cameras, flashes, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, computer games, household devices, radios and much more.
  • Come fully charged using solar energy.
  • Can be charged up to 500 times.
  • Retain 85% of their original power after 1 year
  • Continue to work well when kept at extremely low temperatures, as low as -20° Celsius.

Usage & Precaution

!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!! These are very powerful batteries, and extreme care should be taken using them. Only use with brand name, quality chargers(like Eneloop, Panasonic, Nitecore) and equipment! Unfortunately we can not replace batteries that are damaged by non-compliant chargers or equipment. There are so many chargers on the market, we can not possibly keep track of which ones will work with these batteries. You will have to contact the charger manufacturer to ensure it can charge these batteries without damaging them. Please ensure you only use these(or any other NiMH) batteries with proper NiMH chargers and equipment. In worst case NiMH batteries can explode or catch fire when used improperly! Use at your own risk. We do NOT accept any responsibly for damage, injury or death caused by improper use of these batteries!

  • Do not overcharge! Ensure the charger voltage does not exceed the batteries stated full charge voltage.
  • Do not over-discharge! Ensure the equipment you use this battery in will not draw more current from that batteries than it stated "Maximum Continuous Discharge Current"
  • Do not short circuit your batteries! NEVER short circuit a NiMH(or more other) battery! Short circuiting can cause a huge surge of current that will potentially burn out your battery!
  • Do not let your batteries touch each other or other metallic items! Keeping your batteries loose, such as in your pockets, is a good way to have your batteries fail and seriously harm you. There are battery holders and covers to keep your batteries safe.
  • Do not dispose any battery in a fire! There are dangerous chemicals in batteries. If you try to burn your batteries they’ll release dangerous fumes and will probably explode. Always dispose your old batteries to a battery recycling center.

Package Includes

4 x Fujitsu Premium High Capacity AA Batteries.

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